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A Show Don’t Tell Gratitude

"What do you suppose would have happened, if I had parked that bicycle and never learned to ride it?'" I imagine my parents would have been sad and felt I didn't like their gift even though I was filled with excitement and joy the day they gave it to me. I now know what they wanted was to watch me enjoy their gift

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Finding God in Your Shadows

Remember when you first discovered your shadow? Chances are you were just a child. Shadows can be scary until their source is identified. A small toy can appear to be a giant monster when the light hits it just right. As we grow, we begin to understand shadows are harmless and they disappear when the... Continue Reading →

A Message of Hope

A Message of Hope: Hello everyone, it’s Saturday. Today I want to share a short story with you to revive your hope in an ever present, almighty God. I needed this myself. Struggles are real aren’t they? We all have them, but, we don’t have to let them get the best of us. I was... Continue Reading →

Simply Growing Through Grief

Stages of Grief Experts tell us there are five to twelve stages of grief we may experience from the loss of a loved one. I suppose, depending on how that loss occurred, whether sudden or anticipated, one could possibly go through twelve stages of grief. I have experienced both types of losses and I can... Continue Reading →

Provision Through Learning

One of my favorite scenes and quotes from Little House on The Prairie is from season one episode two, when Laura, not thrilled about starting school, asked Caroline how long all of this learning was going to take. Caroline’s reply is listed above. So true are these words of wisdom. We should all strive to... Continue Reading →

Prayer Tip For All Who Compartmentalize There came a time in my life when my prayers seemed to be all over the place. I try to stay in an attitude of prayer all the time because I receive prayer request daily. In order to do this, I learned I needed to stay focused and intentional... Continue Reading →

Provision Through Giving

When Darrell and I married we both worked in retail. Our weekends rarely lined up with us both having the same days off. Neither of us would attend church without the other, so needless to say, we didn’t attend very often. That all changed with the birth of our first child. I became a stay... Continue Reading →

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