Provision Through Learning

One of my favorite scenes and quotes from Little House on The Prairie is from season one episode two, when Laura, not thrilled about starting school, asked Caroline how long all of this learning was going to take. Caroline’s reply is listed above. So true are these words of wisdom. We should all strive to maintain a teachable heart.

God’s Call

In my post entitled Provision Through Connections, I explain how I came to know about a part-time job and then was hired through a mutual connection. I also note how I thought it was all my idea and desire to search for a part time job, but I would come to understand I was mistaken. God had a plan all along. It was He who placed that desire in my heart to grow me so He could use me, however, it was up to me to be obedient.

An Opportunity Arises

Once, I set my mind to look for a job, I realized I didn’t have any skills other than retail. I felt inadequate and insecure, but I felt the call, so I stepped out in faith and kept my eyes and ears open. God is so good and He opened a door of opportunity for a bookkeeping position with a lady who was willing to train me on the job. Training and being paid for my training was more than I expected.

The job taught me to manage monthly accounts, ship orders, prepare invoices and statements, receive inventory, post payments to accounts and how to talk with clients on the phone. More importantly, although I didn’t realize at the time others would benefit from it, she showed me what generosity looked like.

New Skills Learned

I learned to pay employees well. I learned the importance of building relationships with those we work with. I learned to include them when enjoying outings at times. I learned to be generous with our income and our things. I learned to treat others with respect. She was generous and she didn’t just tell me how to be generous, she modeled it for me.

As the clay is in the potter’s hand, so are you in My hand

Jeremiah 18:6

I believe God brings people into our lives to teach us about Him and His ways when needed. I believe we get small glimpses of our wonderful savior through others as we travel this path with them. I have come to understand God brings people into our lives at the right time to help mold and shape us for His purpose. I also believe that will look different for all of us.

God’s Plan and Purpose

I said God had a plan and a purpose for me through this part-time job, however, I wouldn’t understand until many years later what it was. My husband and I bought a business in January of 2000. He worked the contacts and sales and deliveries and I did the bookkeeping! I had to set the bookkeeping side of the business up from the very beginning. Without my previous part-tome job, I wouldn’t have had a clue how to do it. God knew what was coming and He saw where I was, without the knowledge or skills needed for this task, and He knew where I needed to be. He then placed the right person in my life and a new journey unfolded.

Commit your works to the Lord, and your thoughts will be established.

Proverbs 16:3

Whatever you find to do in life, make sure you commit it to the Lord. Don’t turn away an opportunity because you don’t know anything about it. Ask God to help you and He will honor that. Don’t ever dismiss an opportunity to learn something new, you never know how or when God will choose to use it.

God makes provision for His people through learning and work. He gives us grace to learn and grow as we take steps of faith. God’s plan may not unfold immediately, He chooses the timing. But when God puts something on your heart, commit it to prayer and don’t give up. God is often preparing us for things that are ahead, things we can’t see coming. Just remember, God sees and knows all. We just need to trust Him and obey His commands. God bless.

My prayer for you is that God will grow in you a desire to seek Him for all your needs and that He will give you the eyes and ears to listen for opportunities He wants to bring to you and the courage to be obedient when the call comes. Amen.

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