Warmth for A Chilled Soul

cup of warmth

I woke to the early morning light peeking through my window. I pulled the covers tight underneath my chin and tried to force additional sleep. I tossed and turned well past my usual time, so I threw the warm covers back only to be greeted by a cold chill. I slid underneath the covers again wide awake and wondered how this cold air had invaded my bedroom. Realizing it wasn’t going anywhere on its own, I forced myself out of bed and marched straight to the thermostat! To my dismay, it was set to heat, but, a gray, empty screen stared back at me. There was no power flowing to our central heating unit.

Two days later and we have a temporary fix while waiting for the parts to arrive. We were informed the temporary fix may not last and could cause our unit to shut down at anytime. Joy. Not! A cold front has settled over us and although we do have an alternate heat source, it won’t heat the entire house. Sigh.

This morning I decided I wouldn’t let the cold hold me captive. I got up early and dressed in warm clothing and headed for the coffee maker. My husband left for work already and I sat down to enjoy my coffee and read my Bible. My devotion took me to the book of Isaiah. A message from God to the prophet brought bold confrontation and a call to repentance before offering words of hope during Isaiah’s days. I sipped my coffee as I read and several minutes later I realized the hot liquid I was pouring into my mouth sent warmth throughout my body. I paused and enjoyed being. Simply existing, taking up air, space and time without an agenda. Nice. Joy? Yes, and with much delight now that my body’s temperature was regulated.

In my silence, I pondered the reading of God’s word and how important it is to our souls. Like the cold air that penetrates my house as I type this, the world sends forth it’s own cold, desolate and deceitful atmosphere ready to engulf all who will listen and fall prey to its evil doings. It tries to mimic God and promises to bring good, to take care of all who are needy and all who are already down, however, it is only a temporary fix. Just like my heating unit, at any moment could completely crash, so is everything built on anything but the truth. I only know of one source that speaks absolute truth; God’s word. When we allow deceit, empty promises and loveless acts into our lives, we risk having a heart that will grow as cold as the atmosphere which influences it. Instead of peace, joy, love and warmth, out of it will flow icy glares of untrust and hardness which will only separate and isolate us from one another.

However, we serve a great and mighty God, who waits, watches and listens for our call. He longs for us to return to Him so He can fill us with His goodness. Just like the coffee flooded my body with warmth, God’s word brings warmth to our souls. He floods us with truths we can trust such as love, joy, peace, and faith. However, unlike my coffee, His word remains in us and flows from the inside out to bring His unspeakable grace to others with a calm and gentle spirit. When we are in His word, we open our hearts to promises of a continual relationship that fills us with the type of peace. love, joy and faith that is steady and unshakeable. It is the one thing that will last as long as we remain in Him which means to abide in His word. He does the work and this is the very thing we must trust Him for. He gives the spiritual growth we need to serve Him and be the source of hope, the small flicker of light, in someone’s darkness.

In Proverbs chapter 16 verse 24 we are told, “Pleasant words are like a honeycomb, Sweetness to the soul and health to the bones.”

Also Jesus told satan when tempted, in Matthew chapter 4 verse 4, “It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.”

In Isaiah chapter 41 verse 10 we are instructed to: “Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.”

These are just a few short verses of scripture. Hopefully they will remind you God is still in control and He is waiting for His people to listen to His voice and lean on His unfailing promises. As a good coach would tell one of his players to get his head back in the game, I will remind us to get back in His word. God bless.

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