A Message of Hope

A Message of Hope:

Hello everyone, it’s Saturday. Today I want to share a short story with you to revive your hope in an ever present, almighty God. I needed this myself. Struggles are real aren’t they? We all have them, but, we don’t have to let them get the best of us.

I was cleaning out my closets and came across a folder of Biblical devotions I have saved over the years. I haven’t visited the folder in a while so I was curious as to what I might find. Tucked inside articles and some of my own devotions was a hand written prayer request from a Sunday School class from 2010.

This request caught my attention immediately because it included the person’s first and last name, age and details about an injury. I recognized the name as a patient I recently had the privilege of meeting.

I can tell you, it was no coincidence I found this today. It was brought to me as a message of hope to continue praying because we serve an amazing and faithful God who is listening to our fainted cries and most heartfelt prayers. Now I am sharing this so you too may have your hope renewed. Whatever you are praying for is heard and with prayers God has an open invitation to work in our lives and the lives of those we care about.

The prayers prayed, ten plus years ago, didn’t go unanswered. You see I didn’t know this person then, but having recently crossed paths with them, hence, because the name and age and situation was given with the prayer request, I realized I now know this person by name. A situation which could easily leave one angry, bitter and selfish, didn’t hold this one hostage because what I have witnessed is a gentle, kind, polite and sweet spirit.

God never quits on us. He is always working in our lives. He promises He will never leave us nor forsake us. He also promises He will always finish His work and He is faithful to do so. While others let us down and forget things they promise or say they will do, remember we are human and make mistakes and we are limited to our frail human nature, but, God is not! He is all powerful, all knowing, all loving and all faithful in His works.

I hope you find rest in His promises and I pray your hope is renewed in Him today. Don’t give up. He hasn’t! God bless!

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